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Will a stairlift fit my stairs?

Yes there is a stairlift solution to fit ALL stairs. Please see our Stair Configuration page.

How do i measure my stairs?

At AMW we offer a free of charge survey of your stairs. However if You, a relative or a friend are able to measure the stairs accurately this makes the process a lot easier and we are then able to get your stairlift installed much quicker (in most cases within a couple of days!)

For details on how to measure your stairs - please see our Stair Measurement page.

Which type of stairlift is best for me?

If you are able to sit and stand without much problem then a stairlift is probably the best solution. Straight stairlifts fit onto straight stairways and curved stairlifts are custom made to go around corners. If you have difficulty sitting up and getting up again or use a wheelchair, a 'through floor' lift may be a better option. This also enables you to move up and downstairs without leaving your wheelchair.

Will a refurbished stairlift come with the same after-sales guarantee and call out service?

Yes. All stair lifts installed by AMW Lift Services are covered by a minimum 12-month guarantee and after-sales service starting on the day we install your stairlift.

Are the stairlifts noisy?

Not at all. Most stairlifts fitted in homes are battery operated (DC) and are extremely quiet. Commercial stairlifts are most likely to be run from the main power supply (AC), but can also be battery operated if required.

Are stairlifts easy to use?

Very easy. All new stairlifts, and where possible re-conditioned stairlifts, come with a comprehensive instruction booklet, and don't forget our after-sales number; we'll be able to help with any query you may have about how they run.

Do they use a lot of electricity?

No. Most stairlifts are battery operated and depending on use will require little re-charging. All stairlifts are automatically recharged so you don't even need to remember to charge them!

What if there's a power cut?

Because most stairlifts installed in the home are battery operated, they will not be affected if there is a power cut. A stairlift will be able to make several journeys before having to be re-charged. A battery for a stairlift will typically last for up to four years before it needs replacing. A stairlift operated from the mains will stop in the event of a power cut so this option should be discussed on survey.

Does the stairlift come with a remote control?

All stairlifts come with an infrared remote control so there are no unsightly wires.

Are stairlifts safe?

We only supply stairlifts which conform to British Standards BS5776: 1996 and are CE marked which insures the equipment used and installation methods are very safe.

Are second-hand stairlifts as good as new?

Second hand stairlifts are undoubtedly cheaper and we ensure that they are fitted correctly and that all parts are tested and are deemed safe and reliable to be used in your home. Our second-hand stairlifts come with the same guarantee and after-care service so you will have peace of mind when buying from us.

How long does it take to install?

Most stairlifts are built to your specification. A straight stairlift takes 2-3hours, this ensures you have a thorough demonstration on how to use the lift and you are completely happy. A curved lift takes between 3-4hours depending on the length and number of curves.

How quickly will an engineer respond to my call out?

Our engineer will endeavour to get to you as soon as possible. In the case of an emergency we aim to be with you in an hour, otherwise all call-outs will be responded to within three hours.

Stairlift FAQ

Here you will find the answers to your common questions about stairlifts.

If you require further information about stairlifts and mobility, please contact us using the contact information on the Contact Us page.

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