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Otolift TWO Key Benefits

  • Maintenance free DC power
  • Unique, light and easy to operate controls
  • Linked footplate as standard
  • Smooth start/stop action
  • Lockable isolation switch
  • Swivel Seat
  • Slide Back seat
  • Fold Up Footrest
  • Infra-red remote controls
  • Safety cut-out sensors
  • Electronic and mechanical braking systems
  • Whisper-quiet operation
  • Designed for simple installation
  • Stand & Perch Options available
  • Innovative hinge options available

Otolift TWO Additional Features & Info

Advantages of the TWOThe first thing you notice about the TWO, is how little space it occupies. The stairlift is compact but very soundly constructed. The Otolift TWO is definitely a stairlift with charm. The subtle, timeless design combines extremely well with any interior.

  • Maximises space on the stairs for non stairlift users
  • Strong, safe and reliable build quality
  • Blends with any interior
  • Tight bends are possible, thereby minimising loss of space

Elegant and Discreet

You need the convenience of a stairlift, but you also want your house to remain as beautiful as it was. This is what makes the Otolift TWO such an excellent choice. The subtle, slim, twin-tube rail blends in with any interior.

With the Otolift in your home, you and others can continue to walk the stairs just as you did before. Usually the bannister can stay in place, and the TWO takes up a minimum amount of space, leaving ample room on the stairs to use as normal.

Intuitive and easy to use

Your Otolift has been designed for ease of use. Using it is very intuitive, and will soon become second nature.

The TWO offers a good range of clever solutions. The seat can be swivelled either manually or automatically (depending on model) at the top of the stairs, allowing a safe dismount. The TWO comes with an assisted manual folding footrest as standard but a motorised version is available for added convenience.

The Clever Solutions of the TWO

Are your stairs narrow? Then your will be pleasantly surprised how well the Otolift TWO runs along the curve. Even at the sharpest bends, the TWO ascends and decends in a sigle flowing motion. The construction is also extremely sound. So that going up or going down, you always feel perfectly safe.

The TWO rail can be fully adapted to the interior of your home. Is there little space in fornt of your stairs? In that case you may opt for a sliding or foldable rail extension. Of course, your TWO can also be fitted with parking bends at both the top and bottom of your staircase as required.

Additional Information:


Colours available

Technical Specification:

Otolift TWO Stairlift

Availability: New

The Otolift TWO is the best selling stairlift in the massively price driven market in the Netherlands. The first thing you notice is that the stairlift little space. The stairlift is compact and solid. In addition, the added convenience Otolift TWO: The top tube of the track on many stairs can be used as a handrail.

Otolift, established in 1891, has been manufacturing stairlifts for more than 40 years and has been the convincing market leader in the Netherlands for many years.  Otolift was established in 1891 as Otto Ooms BV by Mr. Otto Ooms. The company mastered different disciplines in the decades that followed until it started to develop stairlifts in the 1960s.

Otolift created a revolution in the market in 1995. As the very first compny to design and produce a stairlift that ran on TWO slim tubes. This gave people a different perspective on stairlifts: a stairlift can be functional but also subtle. The Oto TWO was born.

Otolift again had a first in 1999: it launched the very first stairlift that was driven independently from the mains voltage. Due to the intergrated batteries the stairlift could simply continue to work even when there was a power. Otolift definitively confirmed its name as innovator in the stairlift market.

As the technology has matured, the Otolift TWO has been continuously refined. Otolift has continually improved the visual impact of the TWO with great success, making it one of the least obtrusive stairlifts available. Otolift has again proven that a stairlift does not have to be industrial or noticeable.

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All stairlifts are not the same!

The first thing to remember is that all stair lifts were not created equal! Although there is an ever growing demand for stair lift equipment, it is truly amazing how many out dated products are being installed in peoples homes throughout theUK. This old technology equipment can be troublesome for the user - why? - because it's unreliable. Things have moved on since the days of chain drives and trailing cables.

Modern stair lifts, like the Otolift TWO Stair Lift, are state of the art, in terms of design and manufacture, yet are so simple to install and maintain.

As with most things - there is a baffling amount of choice out there in the marketplace. When choosing a piece of equipment like a stair lift, it is important to ensure that you are making like-for-like comparisons. Think carefully when buying this type of product via the internet. Your first real opportunity to clearly see the features, engineering (and limitations) of your new stair lift, are when it arrives on your doorstep.

Buy with confidence.

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