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The AMW Stairlifts Customer Charter

The AMW Stairlifts Customer Charter defines the commitment of AMW in the provision of delivering goods and services to our customers.

It sets out the standards that we, as an approved business, will comply with in the following areas:

  • Customer Service
  • Goods & Services
  • Business Compliance
  • Staff Development
  • Sales & Marketing
  • Complaint Handling

As an Approved Business, we are legally bound by this Charter and the Code of Practice. We ensure that we, and all of our staff, are aware of the Charter and the Code in their entirety and take steps to make sure that we are aware of our legal obligations and responsibilites.

This Charter has been developed with support from Trading Standards services to provide an assisted self-regulatory regime by which, we as an Approved Business, demonstrate our commitment to you to deliver excellence in customer service.

Our Customer Service: 'The level of service you can expect from us'

  • We deliver high standards of customer care.
  • Our staff are always polite, friendly and helpful
  • We will ensure that all aspects of work are communicated clearly to you.
  • If we cannot take your telephone call, there is an answer phone message stating our trading name and we will return your call within one working day.
  • We will endeavour to keep appointments with you but in circumstances when we need to re-arrange appointments, we will inform you as soon as possible.
  • On completion of any work, you will be offered the opportunity to leave feedback at Feedback will be used to continuously improve our service.

Our Goods & Services: 'We promise to deliver quality goods & services'

  • We will ensure that all our goods are safe and comply with current legislation.
  • We ensure that goods supplied are of a satisfactory quality and are accurately described.
  • If the goods on sale are not perfect, that is 'seconds', we will bring any defects to your attention prior to purchase.
  • w\e will provide you with a detailed quote that is inclusive of labour, parts and VAT where applicable.
  • Any changes to the work specified or extra costs will be agreed prior to work commencing.

Our Sales & Marketing: 'We will not mislead or use high pressure sales techniques'

  • All of our goods and services are accurately described and priced.
  • Any sales promotions, special offers or sale prices are clear.
  • We will not use high pressure sales techniques or cold calling
  • Our website meets all legal requirements.
  • We are entitled to use the logos that we display.

Our Business Compliance: 'We comply with all legislation relating to our business'

  • We will make you aware that we have agreed to this charter.
  • We are aware of our statutory obligations and will not attempt to restrict your statutory rights in any way whether by a notice or conduct.
  • We will not do anything that is unfair or misleading and will inform you of all information that may affect your decision to purchase.
  • our company name is displayed on our business premises and any company literature so it is clear who you are contracting with.
  • We have public liability and employers insurance in place to protect both you and us.
  • We comply with the Code of Practice.
  • We will ensure that if the contract is made in your home or place of work, you will be given a clear notice of your right to cancel.
  • We take responsibility for any sub-contractors that we use.
  • We will agree with you a delivery date and specific delivery time for goods and services.
  • In circumstances where goods or services cannot be delivered on an agreed date and we fail to notify you within a reasonable amount of time, you may be entitled to compensation for any losses incurred.
  • We will check our work after completion to ensure that it has been carried out with reasonable care and skill.
  • Any guarantees will be provided to you in writing detailing in full, clearly and concisely, the terms and conditions of the guarantee.
  • We will issue you with a receipt for all goods and services sold.
  • For repair jobs, you will receive a receipt for the goods that accurately describes them along with an estimation of how long the repair will take and an estimated cost. If the repair exceeds this estimate, you will be informed of the reasons for the delay and a new estimated date.

Our Staff Development: 'We invest in our staff to ensure that they are fully trained and qualified'

  • All of our staff are familiar with relevant legislation, obligations and requirements and will act in accordance with thespirit of the law.
  • We invest in training to ensure all staff are knowledgeable, competent and proficient.
  • Our staff are competent to carry out the work within their responsibilities.
  • Trainees will be supervised by a qualified and competent person.
  • Our staff are committed to completing work accurately and efficently and will be attentive.
  • Staff will be professional and treat you and your property with respect and care.

Our Complaint Handling: 'We will deal with all complaints effectively'

  • We operate a customer complaints procedure. Which can be found here: AMW-Complaints-Policy-and-Procedure1.pdf
  • We will give you our customer care and complaint form once the contract starts.
  • If you are dissatisfied with the goods or services you have received from us, we want to hear from you as soon as possible in order to resolve any issues you may have.
  • We will acknowledge your complaint within 24 hours or receiving it.
  • We will respond fully within 5 days of receiving your complaint and inform you of what steps will be taken to resolve any dissatisfaction.
  • We will keep you informed as to how the complaint is being handled and the reason for any delays.
  • Where we cannot resolve any complaints using our own complaints procedure, as a Which? Trusted trader we use Dispute Resolution Ombudsman for dispute resolution.  In the unlikely event of a complaint arising and you wish to refer the complaint to them please contact 0333 241 3209 or via their website.

Provision of Services:

Terms & Conditions of Sale:

For more information please contact:

Business Approval Ltd
Leofric House, Binley Road
Coventry, CV3 1JN
Tel: 0121 364 2020

2 Marylebone Road
Phone: 01992 822800

British Healthcare Trades Association
New Loom House, Suite 4.06
101 Back Church Lane
London, E1 1LU
Tel: 020 7702 2141

Looking for a Trusted Business?

Every day many consumers become the victim of rogue traders or are frustrated by unreliable businesses. AMW Stairlifts are members of the Business Approval Register which is supported by Trading Standards Services.

The Business Approval Register unites people who are looking to buy with confidence and approved businesses that are committed to trading fairly.

As a customer, you can be confident in your choice of businesses. This is based not only on our commitment to excellence, but also in the knowledge that the Business Approval Register is supported by Trading Standards Services.

In addition, AMW Stair lifts have made a commitment to its Customer Charter and code of practice (opposite) that clearly defines the assurances made by AMW in delivering our goods and services to you. Customers can also rely on independet reviews and a star rating.

Our Customer Charter sets out standards that AMW Stairlifts will comply with including excellent customer service, compliance with consumer law, provision of high quality goods, a skilled and competent workforce, truthful and genuine sales practices and an effective complaints handling system.

To offer you complete peace of mind, AMW Stair Lifts have been checked in the following areas:

  • Financial background including the latest company accounts.
  • Company director background details.
  • Public Liability and Employers Insurance
  • Customer Service, contracts and terms and conditions.
  • Validations of professional certifications and memberships.


AMW Stairlifts are proud members of the BHTA

The British Healthcare Trades Association (BHTA) is the UK's oldest and largest healthcare association, founded in 1917.

What makes the BHTA special is their Code of Practice – the only one in our sector overseen by the Trading Standards Institute (TSI). All members of the BHTA, including AMW Stairlifts, sign up to the Code, demonstrating our commitment to high levels of customer care that go above and beyond our legal obligations, giving customers confidence.

Public - Wherever you see the BHTA logo, you know you’re dealing with a company you can trust. You’ll get clear information about your rights, receive a high standard of customer service and have access to an independent complaints process.

Professionals - When you’re working with a client to maintain their independence, you want to know the products and services they’re using are right for them. BHTA members follow strict guidelines on customer care and won’t sell anything that doesn’t meet customers’ needs.


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